rum punch


Thanks for finding me or answering to my pushy self-promotion!

Living in Barbados is my second expat jaunt and it’s such a different experience to my first that I thought I would share what it is like living on an island.  Living and holidaying abroad is just so different. I learnt that from my first expat post in Dubai.   Prior to my expat life my husband and I have travelled far and wide and experienced so many different cultures, as well as living in multi-cultural London.   However, that still never prepares you for living in a different country.


Living abroad has it’s own challenges from the weekly supermarket shop to knowing the shortest route to the best beach.  The biggest challenge for me in moving to an island was adapting from a fast paced city life to island life.  Two completely different worlds that it takes a while adapting.

I hope you enjoy the blog and my journey of island living! Thanks for popping by!