barbados liming

Lime is not just the green citrus fruit essential in a mojito, but here in Barbados “liming” is a phrase used as a description for a social gathering where rum and beer are consumed (although not essential).   Any place or any time is liming time! Although mainly held in the evenings and at the weekend.   It’s basically a relaxed social gathering where rum and beer may be on hand!

The origins of the phrase “liming” actually comes from Trinidad & Tobago but this expression is used all over the Caribbean.  Lionel Ritchie also refers to liming in his song “All Night Long” with the verse “We’re going to Parti’, Liming, Fiesta, forever Come on and sing along We’re going to Parti’, Liming, Fiesta, forever Come on and sing my song”. (Good job getting that song out of your head today!).

There is a little makeshift bar on the road towards one of the beaches on the east coast where we walk the dogs.   When we drive past at the weekend we have a bet between us on how many men will be there “liming” and the choice of drink on the table (either beer or rum).  I should add that we walk the dogs early in the morning, so this “liming” spot can start as early as 6am!  In the morning.  On a Sunday!  We haven’t even had our morning coffee and there are limers enjoying a rum or two!

Liming on the beach

The most amusing liming spot to me is at the gas stations, especially on weekends.   There will often be a group of people, just hanging about.  Chatting and watching the world go by.  For me, if I am liming, it is on a spot on the beach.  With a glass of something, naturally.